Mastering The Walking Stick Self-Defense DVD Video

Mastering The Walking Stick Self-Defense DVD Video
Item# X0197D

just recently completed a knife video titled "Advanced Folding Knife Techniques." As I was working with the knives I started to wonder what would be the most useful, close-quarters weapon against the knife. And, that is exactly how I became interested in the walking stick. The walking stick, staff, or as martial artists call it, the bo has been part of man's history. In this video, I'll show you how to use it for self-defense. You'll be amazed at the power and speed at which the stick can be deployed, not to mention the extended reach - which in itself gives you a tremendous tactical advantage. You'll learn how one well-placed strike can break a man's leg and end the fight before it even starts. Plus, why the walking stick is best for defending against knives and maybe even against a gun-toting bad gun. Finally, learn why you should respect a man with a stick, and why you should not allow him to get close. Thank you for your patronage. Mastering The Walking Stick Self-Defense DVD Video

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